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Dao Fitness is a fitness lifestyle brand with culture. We pride ourselves in our inherent African culture, which originates specifically in West Africa. Accordingly, our aim is to bring African prints and culture to fitness in a polished, stylish, unique and dynamic way. Thus, promoting a brand which celebrates our culture yet accessible and available to all individuals.

So, what’s this about African Prints…

Here at Dao Fitness, we use traditional African prints which are printed on cloths worn frequently in Sub-Sahara Africa and most popular in West and Central Africa. One of which originated in Ghana, West Africa and the other in the Netherlands. The first Kente, which means ‘basket’ is a silk and cotton interwoven fabric that originated with the Ashanti people of Southern Ghana over 300 years ago, some of these people are also located in the Ivory Coast.

Ankara, formally known as Dutch wax print originated in the Europe in the Netherlands since the 18th Century. Originally, the Dutch wax was marketed for the Indonesian textile market but due to it’s tribal-like patterns and motifs, it became increasingly popular, specifically with the West African textile market than with the Asians. As such the Dutch redirected their focus and African ‘batik’ fabric also known as Ankara, mainly by the Nigerians now reflects African culture, lifestyle and identity.

Black and white kente
Ankara patterns and motifs

Kente. The Monochrome Edition

Our first edition features black and white monochrome kente prints. These print’s we’re chosen by our founder Dominique. The colour black is not only her favourite colour and the predominant colour of the people of the mother land. Yet, the simplicity of the black and white kente prints signifies her goals in life, to live a simple, yet care-free life all the while doing everything that she loves.


Though, these prints are very slowly being printed on athleisure clothing, it has yet to be printed like Dao Fitness prints it. Polished, stylish, unique and dynamic with functionality.With that said, we hope you bring us along on your fitness journey, whether you’re a rookie, causal gym-goer or a fitness professional or fanatic. Fundamentally, we aim to make your fitness journey enjoyable and cultural.


Image source (2nd & 3rd): Google images

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