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The Brand

Dao Fitness is an online athleisure brand with the aim of bringing African prints to fitness. The idea was cultivated in the summer of 2016 but did not come to fruition until the summer of 2017 by fitness enthusiast and medical Student Dominique Dao. She noticed that within the fashion world African prints was quickly emerging, however, it was lacking in activewear. Thus, Dominique Dao decided to bring Dao Fitness to light, incorporating rich African prints, mainly, Kente prints and African wax into functional activewear, in a minimalistic and simplistic way.

After her sister Paule-Carine Dao launched the fashion brand Dao London in the summer of 2016, with the aim of print bring African wax and Kente prints into everyday fashion; Dominique was inspired to bring this idea to athleisure, delivering a fitness brand with culture. Together, the Dao sisters hope to show the world the beauty of traditional African culture through everyday living.

The Mission

Our brand mission is to show that African print’s isn’t just for big occasions but can be worn in everyday living, including active living. The aim is to celebrate and be proud of our traditional African heritage by displaying the prints from African wax fabric or kente prints in our everyday living, from fitness to fashion. Educate the world on healthy living and fashion tips and styles using traditional African culture.

Want to join our community?

Are you a fitness blogger, enthusiast, influencer, model or work in the world of sports and fitness? Do you blog about healthy eating, especially those of African, Caribbean or Soul food? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you could feature on our blog today.

Our blog space is not just to show off our beautiful African-inspired althleisure, but to also educate the world on healthy active living. By means of incorporation healthy meal ideas, especially those popular in the African/Caribbean cuisine. Healthy living habits to prevent prevalent lifestyle diseases. Exciting workouts for our followers to meet their body goals and more.

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