Women Empowerment Wednesday: Ese Kalusi

Empowerment: to give power or authority to; to enable or permit
There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. John 15:13 NLT

Women Empowerment Wednesday is movement where one woman empowers another woman to follow her dreams.

This months Women Empower Wednesday is on Ese Kalusi who is all about mind, body and spirit. She all about getting toned with home-workouts.

1. Describe yourself in three words?

Indescribable, unconventional and a learner

2. What do you do?

I go to university, part time job and I specialise in homework-outs for women which incorporates body, mind and spirit!

3. Who or what has influenced you to start this fitness journey?

Um all I remember was that I’d always see women with abs and think “omg I want that” and I’d watch YouTube videos and workout alongside them at home and I hated going to the gym with a passion. Working out also helped relieve a lot of anxiety I faced and kept me on track… I like reaching goals and having a routine.

4. What path did you take?

I personally think I’m still on a path, I’m still figuring things out. Everyday I learn something new and that’s what keeps me going. I’ve accepted the fact that I know nothing!

5. What have you learned so far?

That action kills fear and having a relationship with God/the universe/your higher self, is the key.

6. What has been your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge would have to be keeping my mind disciplined, making sure I always have a tunnel vision and not caring what anyone thinks.

7. How do you keep myself motivated?

I try not to get into the whole motivational thing sometimes.. I just ignore my feelings when it comes to goals and just do the work! You’re emotions are ever changing..just focus on the goal & execute. I know this is hard sometimes so I just take time alone, listen to my favourite song, talk to people that make me laugh etc…

8. What’s your opinion on a healthy lifestyle?

It is the most important thing in life. It is step number 1 to all things without your health you can’t even live life, think about it… if you are very unhealthy would you even be able to drive that dream car?

9. How often do you exercise?

At the moment around 3-4 times a week but my goal is to workout as soon as I wake up every single day without fail. One day I’ll get there.

10. What fitness mistakes should our #daofitbabe community avoid?

Don’t do FAD diets, I used to do this, they are useless and unsustainable and affect your mental health!

11. Name three foods you can’t live without?

Ummmm plantain, chicken and snickers

12. What books or resources would you suggest our #daofitbabae community add to their reading list?

Osho- being in love, richest man in Babylon and think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

13. Any last words of wisdom?

Do everything for YOU..make your own choices, make your own mistakes. Be an individual.

Five Fun facts…

What’s your fave workout?

Umm Russian twists are probably my fave. I have an obsession with waist lines.

Name one active wear you live in?

I always wear a two piece..sports bra and shorts!

What’s always in your gym bag?

In my gym bag..water and lemon!

What’s your fave body part?

Fave body part has to be my waist!

What does your fitness future look like and what’s next?

I hope to inspire more people to take control of their bodies..minds and spirit!

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