Flavia ?? ??

Flavia ?? ??


  • Fitness Enthusiast & Blogger
  • Height: 5’7
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Age: 29

I would consider myself a fitness enthusiast & blogger well on my way to carving out a career in the industry. I got into fitness by accident, after a rough patch I needed a physical and emotional outlet for my frustrations and soon found lifting as a way to focus my energies. I now train 4/5 times a week doing circuit training, HIIT and my favourite weight lifting. I suppose I am happiest when I’m training and in my element.

Being an AfriCAN by birth, from Uganda and I have always been proud of my roots. I first came across Dao and thought wow a brand that celebrates women, African culture and manages to merge it with function, fit and look good! I knew I had to get involved. What better way to celebrate being from the mother land than to wear the traditional cloth as armour when training.

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